Watch That Later

Date: 05/09/17. Language: Javascript. This is my first google chrome extension. Watch that later is an extension that increases your YouTube productivity. When you select that you want to watch a YouTube video later this extension saves it to your watch later library which can be brought up from any page.

Terrain Ball Editor

Date: 28/07/17. Language: C#. This was my second venture into Unity. This game involves getting a ball from one end to the other on a map. You need to jump with the Ball or edit terrain to do so. This game improves on the last. You can save what level you are on, has a main menu and has pointers on how to play the game. Not that happy with the visuals, but I have a hard time creating assets and have no passion to care about them. Download here.

Hard Core Stacks

Date: 25/06/17. Language: Lua. In-between creating games in unity, I decided to create my first mod. This mod is for Don't Starve for both the standalone and the together versions. It limits stacks to 1-9 and changes items that can't be stacked to be able to be stacked if wanted. I also learnt how to add a mod to the steam workshop. They have been viewed over 500 times each. Over at here and here.

Discord Bot

Date: 17/05/17. Language: Python. I created a bot for my personal discord server. It can tell jokes, play music, has a points system, query google, performs moderation tasks for the server and more. It was written in python using the Discord API. I bought a raspberry pi and set it up to run the bot on start up and periodically check if it was running and restart it if it was not using a cron job.

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