Date: 3/1/2019. Language PHP. Simple URL shortener I created. It makes it so that a person can't create more than 1 link every 30 seconds. I also made it so that anyone in the world can only create an entry once every 3 seconds. The delete php file is ran once every hour using a cron job to delete links older than 1 day. The site can be found Here.

Block Game

Date: 30/11/2018. Language JavaScript. Block game is a puzzle game where you need to insert blocks of different shapes so that a row is filled up, rewarding you with a point. Every 25 the game board is changed. You can either play by yourself and submit scores when you are done or play with anyone else in the world in a multiplayer version. The game can be found at . The server that handles the connection with multiplayer, submitting scores, representing high scores and general requests is Node Js with mysql, socket io and express libraries.

Langton's Ant

Date: 22/11/2018. Language Python. Langton's Ant is a 2D universal Turing machine. It uses a set of rules that determine the behaviour. This program is a simulation of the ant. The program can spawn multiple ants and clear all ants if wanted. To spawn an ant, click anywhere on the board and to clear everything press space. The program uses the pygame library.

Game System

Date: 16/11/2018. Language C. Game system is a client and server game systems. The server runs, and clients connect to the server and play games from it. The server handles all the processing and just sends the client the responses. The server uses a thread pool of 10 threads to handle multiple clients and a reader writer solution to ensure data is read and wrote correctly. The games itself is nothing impressive.

Labyrinth Searcher

Date: 05/06/2018. Language: Python. I Decided to fork someone's labyrinth generator. Which I then used to create some search algorithms and see how they performed differently on different size mazes. The implanted searches include breadth first search, depth first search, greedy search, astar search, uniform cost search, depth limited search and iterative deepening search. To use it run the and specify the conditions. Press space on the pygame after the actions have been printed to the console. Try Astar graph search with filtered actions on a 10 by 14 maze.


Date: 10/10/2018. Language: MATLAB. Flags is a machine learning collection of scripts that uses tree models, KNN, discriminate analysis, SVM and linear models to try to predict the landmass to a set of flag properties belong to. The dataset I used was the "Flags Data Set" found on UCI machine learning repository. KNN and linear performed the best with around 50% testing accuracy.

Sort And Search

Date: 10/04/2018. Language: C#. Throughout this semester we have been analysing search algorithms. This meant that some algorithms were looked at, but we sometimes implemented them. I thought it would be a good idea to implement all the ones we have looked at.

Pool 3D

Date: 01/03/2018. Language: C#. Here with another Unity game. This time Pool. This code is straight up ugly. Other than that, it is another simple Unity game of 3D pool. Download here.

Stackin Circles

Date: 29/12/17. Language: C#. To end this year, I decided to create an android app on the google play store. To see the process of creating an application and publishing it onto the store. Stackin Circles is a game where you need to stack circles onto a platform within a limited area. To play the game visit here.

Movie Store

Date: 19/11/17. Language: C# and MySQL. Movie Store is an application that is designed for movie stores. Allows for adding and removing movies to/from the database, adding and removing users to/from the database and renting/returning movies from the store. Where you interact with a database using a c# based gui. The database is implemented in mySql.

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