About Me

Look buddy, whatever personal information you give me through the contact form I keep. Please don't send in banking details and what not that would be a dumb idea. I don't collect any other date, only data you give it to me. It is your choice to send me the information. I'm only collecting your data so I can respond to whatever you are sending me. I don't sell your data no other third party will see the emails. If you want to access your data that I've collected send me another email through the contact form with the same email and name and I'll get back to you within 30 working days. Every year I'll go through and purge the data I don't need anymore. The only person who has access to the data you are sending is me, Tom Bowyer. Unless my account gets compromised and then I'll tell you. I'll try to ensure this site always has a SSL certificate when I can afford it, please don't send information if it doesn't that would be a dumb idea. If you want to contact me outside of this site hit me up on twitter @ImTomBowyer.